Retail Training

Turn retail sales associates into product experts with the flexibility to learn whenever, wherever on a mobile-friendly and incentivized LMS.

Retail Training

Retail training on Atmosphere incentivizes sales associates to take on the behaviours that will drive sales and foster more exceptional customer experiences. This means:


More product knowledge for more accurate product recommendations and fewer returns


Upselling skills to increase average tickets and to complete the customer's experience


Developing customer service skills for repeat business and positive in-store experiences and reviews


Efficiency to save customers time and increase convenience


of consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after one bad experience.


of consumers say customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions.

*Experience is everything; Here's how to get it right

Do you want to develop employees that will boost customer experiences and overall sales? Look no further than Atmosphere.

On-the-Fly Learning Icon

On-the-Fly Learning

Atmosphere courses are mobile-responsive, which means you can accelerate on-floor training. Your retail sales associates can easily and conveniently stay up to date on their training anywhere they go, whether it be on the floor, in the break room, or on their commute to or from work.

A Modern, Young Workforce Icon

A Modern, Young Workforce

Atmosphere's responsive design speaks to the industry's need for on-the-go training for the young and modern workforce. Always-connected users can benefit from Atmosphere's intuitive and approachable platform that responds the way their favorite apps do on any device they're used to.

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Dynamic Modules

From micro eLearning to video and PDF courses, learners can access a wide variety of content types to suit their learning styles and stay engaged throughout their career journey over time. Variety also gives employees flexibility to choose what course works best for them at that time.