Learning & Development

Motivate your employees to learn more and empower them with a flexible and engaging LMS system built for them.

Learning and Development
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Intuitive Catalog

Atmosphere's catalog system allows employees to explore content like no other LMS. Configurable networks and channels allow you to build a structure to support your entire organization. Content is always searchable and can exist in multiple channels, providing the ultimate flexible system.

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Inspire with Incentives

Motivate and get your employees excited to take your training courses with a variety of contests, an online points store to redeem rewards, and gamified courses to create some friendly competition.

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Diverse Course Offerings

Atmosphere offers a variety of content delivery methods to accurately communicate and share your message. Utilize an impressive portfolio of videos, infographics, animations, guided and intuitive eLearning, and instructor-led training to inspire for the future.

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Community Culture

Build a rich, informed learning community and solve problems by turning comments into conversations with opportunities to engage with other users. Atmosphere provides all the tools necessary to inspire and support constructive conversations amongst learners.

There's Method to Our Madness

Our teams work rapidly to produce exceptional training content that is both visually engaging and effective. HALIGHT is proud of our design philosophy that structures our eLearning: Tell me. Show me. Let me do.

Tell Me

You know your content is important, but we need to tell learners why what they're learning is integral to their job. We do this by providing learners with relevant key information they need to set them up for success. This information includes everything from facts, processes, rules, procedures, and basic knowledge, which is all carefully packaged in engaging ways to keep your learner excited and intrigued.

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Show Me

After the learner has been told everything they need to know, it's time to put the words into action and demonstrate how it's all done. This is often done with a variety of engaging visuals, including video demos, animations, infographics, and supporting imagery. The goal is to bring the content to life and give real-world context.

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Let Me Do

Now it's time for learners to apply what they were told and shown in the real world. This can be done through interactive digital training, in-person demonstration, and even VR “hands-on” training. They will have the agency to put their knowledge to the test and really learn by doing.

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See the Results

On average, learners remember:


of what they are told


of what they are told and shown


of what they are told, shown, and do

Our methodology is backed by studies that indicate content retention and recall in more engaged learners.
(Harrison and Blackmore)

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