Employee Development & Retention

Develop more capable and confident employees and enable more chances to grow with a platform that supports and incentivizes every step of their unique career journey.

Employee Retention

Why It Matters

Employee retention helps develop robust organizations with confident and long-term teammates who go the extra mile. These perks also help other aspects of your organization, such as:


Financial Incentives

  • Spend less on hiring and onboarding
  • Increase production with effective employees and less turnover
  • Better sales experiences and long-term customer relationships increases opportunities to sell

Happier Employees

  • Skill-building and experience can improve overall confidence
  • Structured and effective teams boost morale
  • Opportunities for development motivates employees and gives importance

Corporate Culture

  • Long-term employees have more opportunity to participate in corporate events and goal setting
  • Individual employees work on their own goals, which lend to overall company vision
  • More dedicated employees are motivated to set new initiatives

Develop your employees and increase employee retention with Atmosphere.

Career Pathing Icon

Career Pathing

Make onboarding a breeze and schedule required training for employees. Atmosphere also offers a guided approach with built-in learning paths that enable you to set required or elective training, offer continuing education, and control the pace of training.

Achievements and Reward Icon

Achievements & Rewards

Sometimes all it takes is a little incentive to go the extra mile. Give employees a chance to earn while they learn with a wide range of customizable incentives. Users can see their progress and requirements to stay on track. Built-in notifications and workflows also give you full control of the “Certification Lifecycle”.

Measure Results Icon

Measure Results

You can't change what you can't measure. Use Atmosphere's reporting tools to analyze learning results and employee growth. These valuable insights can evaluate effective training and enable leadership to make informed decisions.