Brand Advocacy

Building an LMS that promotes your brand enables sales associates to become trusted, confident, and influential brand ambassadors on the sales floor.

Brand Advocacy
The Study

The Study

People trust who they know. That's why


of Americans are more interested in purchasing a product or service when they've received a verbal recommendation from a friend or family member.

From Chatter Matters: the 2018 Word of Mouth Report

When your learners can back up their claims with product knowledge and are proud to rep your brand, you'll get real-world rewards through trusted recommendations that can lead to more sales and repeat customers.

Here's how Atmosphere can influence your overall sales demographic by developing brand leaders.

Reward to Rep Icon

Reward to Rep

Give employees the chance to win your products through sweepstakes and achievements or get a percentage off a new product with vouchers and coupons. Get your sales reps repping your products to build influence with customers on the sales floor.

Refer a Friend Icon

Refer a Friend

Users who refer co-workers can earn more! Referral tools encourage engagement with other users, which in turn promotes your learning platform. Atmosphere's Leaderboard can also track referrals and build healthy competition on the platform.

Your Look and Feel Icon

Your Look & Feel

We create custom graphics and messaging to ensure your LMS matches your brand. This gives learners consistent information from a familiar face that they can turn to for any sales and training assistance.

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Talk to the Product Pros

On Atmosphere, users can connect with other learners on the Community Feed and through direct messaging. Have a question about a product? Users can start a forum, talk to the pros, and get the information they need to become expertise brand reps.